A Dark Orbit Guide Us Through Inverted

If you’re not savvy to the tricks that bands and their labels like to play on listeners, then you might think that this year is already over. Indeed, some

7 years ago

If you’re not savvy to the tricks that bands and their labels like to play on listeners, then you might think that this year is already over. Indeed, some larger media outlets have started coalescing and even publishing their end of year lists. Like already singing Christmas carols even though it’s freaking November, that’s inherently silly and misguided. There are plenty of releases from previous years that saw the light of day in November and even December and were some of the best albums of the year. Well, get ready for that rodeo again since one of the absolute killers of 2015 is still in the barrel. A Dark Orbit are the culprits and the bullet in question is their debut, full length album, Inverted.

We’ve been dropping hints here and there as to how much this album is fantastic but now it’s time to dig deep, with the help of the band themselves. We’re proud to present a complete, track by track walkthrough of the album, including many tasty snippets of the full range that it has to offer. What is this album like? Why should you listen to it? Simply put, if you like being crushed by your music, this is the album for you. It’s like an ungodly marriage between Botch, Sectioned and Uneven Structures. It features Chad Kapper, otherwise known as the maniac who does vocals for Frontierer. It weaves, ducks and punches with the full range of doom, noise, modern technical metal and just plain brutality. Good god, are you still here? Head on over the jump immediately and start digging into this monster.

Obviously, you are required by law to watch and listen to the whole thing. But here’s a quick guide for the weary, the restless and the downright impatient: skip to 0:46 if you’re looking to get a taste of just how good a vocalist Kapper is and what emotional and powerful delivery he dishes out on this album. 2:27 will you give a taste of one of my favorite tracks, ‘They Rode The Heart Until It Spit Venom’, and the twisted approach to guitars and their place in the mix that this album utilizes. The way they reinforce and are, in turn, reinforced by the vocals is one of the most spell-binding features of this release.

Further along, at 11:50, is the place to go if you want to understand just how crushing this album can get. ‘Horrible Mud’, like Kapper himself says, is aptly named, as it’s insanely thick, viscous and smothering. Listen as the guitars vibrate into infinity while the drums provide strobes and thin jabs of sound, splicing the whole thing into a maddening tapestry. Finally, let’s hold at 13:05 for another quick taste of what Kapper is capable of. Wielding his own unique timbre, his vocals are perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this heady, already-boundary defying album. ‘New Age Sinkhole’ sees him stretching his delivery and capacity to its edge, alleviating his performance into tremendous heights.

Long story short, watch the whole thing. This album is coming and you’re not quite ready for it; what we got here is just a small taste of the places that this release goes to. Undoubtedly, it continues 2015’s penchant for albums that push the limit, defy definitions and set new standards, while still managing to deliver excellent, interesting and engaging music. You can pre-order a nifty bundle (including the album itself) from our good friends at Basick, or get the album right from bandcamp.

Go do it right now. You won’t regret it. In case you still need convincing, our full review will be going live in just a few, short hours. See you there.


Eden Kupermintz

Published 7 years ago