Were you at Bloodstock Open Air this year? Me neither. That doesn’t matter too much in the long run, more imminent is the fact that you should shift things around during your busy day to take in post/groove/riff act Sumer. Performing “Pinch, Cut” from their new album, the band rip through the track caught in the most crystal clear of sweaty images. It’s a pro shot live video, who doesn’t like them? Get on over the jump to get your groove on, you funky bunch.


I’m a sucker for seeing a band in a tent at a festival. Fuck the main stage. With a track as energetic as “Pinch, Cut” the atmosphere in there would have been raucous, to say the least. Slinging big, swaggering riffs around and having the chops to keep the groove constant, Sumer play to their crowd with eyes locked, plectrums clinched and teeth clenched. That’s why they kick it up a notch with the big, slow moving pit riffs too. All in all a really tight band that the UK can hoist up and proclaim, “look at this lot, aye they’re good and they’re one of ours”. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure a lot of you will be checking out Agent Fresco, who Sumer are supporting very soon. Now you have no excuse.

Check The Animal You Are out now and sling your guitar low, bro.




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