I’ve been a fan of really fun, groovy metal ever since I first began getting into Lamb Of God in middle school. The really bouncy, fun riffs always stood out to me, and I still enjoy playing that kind of music on drums. Aktaion are a relatively new band that play in the same vein as LOG and Machine Head, and have a very large focus on the groove-oriented sound that they take influence from. Today, we’re happy to host an exclusive stream of their newest single, “Seven”. Check it out!

From the second the song start until it ends, the band continues to groove, and there’s some really cool riffs in here. While there’s room for improvement and the band has yet to find their niche, it’s a great effort from a young band that still has tons to show us in the coming years. They’ve only been together since 2010, and this song is from their second album due out next year, so luckily the band still have way farther to go. I’m eager to see what they do in terms of touring, because I can think of a number of bands they’d fit in really well with on tours in both the US and abroad. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Bandcamp and be on the lookout for their new album The Parade Of Nature due out in 2016!



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