In case you haven’t been paying attention, we’ve been posting about Caligula’s Horse and Arcane a ton recently. The bands both share members, and many members even have their own side projects that they perform in. Many of these bands encompass different kinds of music from their main projects, which I think is really cool. Today, we’re happy to host Hazards Of Swimming Naked‘s premiere of a previously unreleased track that they had pro shot live. The song is entitled “Accept The Mystery”, and you can watch it below!


The band is some really great Aussie post-rock, and this video is a great way to finally introduce yourself to the band. It covers all the basic stuff, with some cool splashes of ambient guitar picking that really sounds awesome. There’s even some glockenspiel, so if that doesn’t already tell you how great it sounds, then I don’t know what can convince you. Aside from that, the music itself is extremely uplifting, and the music has always made me smile when I listen to it. If a short film of love only had one track, it’d be this one. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and be sure to snag their music on Bandcamp!

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