It seems that whenever I get recommended new music, it comes from one of three places: Youtube “recommended” videos (which are usually full album streams), through staff members of our site, and through my good friend Bradley. While the first two can encompass a wide range of genres, Bradley is the strict go-to-guy for metal, and whenever I want to really get heavy, I check out what he’s jamming. Lately, I saw him talk about Lik, a Swedish death metal band that blends the sounds of early At The Gates and Entombed with modern death metal stuff like Cannibal Corpse‘s newest release, and it makes for some really crushing death metal. It’s the ultimate in Entombed-core style death metal, and you can check out a song from their first LP Mass Funeral Evocation below!


As of right now, the band is still working on getting everything set up with Bandcamp, their website, etc. These guys are extremely fresh to the music scene, and I really think you guys will enjoy them. Their music is super heavy, laden with the Boss HM-2 and filled with some super tasty riffs and killer grooves. It’s definitely one of the better debut albums to come out this year, and all 30ish minutes of their debut are absolutely killer from beginning to end. This is not an album you want to sleep on, because it surely will find its way into your heart very quickly! Check them out on Facebook to keep up with them and head over to this location to snatch up some merch!



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