Danish mathy groove mob Cold Night For Alligators pull sounds, inspiration and ideas from pretty much every genre of heavier music. It’s this fusion of techniques and styles that

8 years ago

Danish mathy groove mob Cold Night For Alligators pull sounds, inspiration and ideas from pretty much every genre of heavier music. It’s this fusion of techniques and styles that has them ranked pretty damn high up in my list of “things Matt is telling you to listen to, dummy”. Now, in our beloved playlist sharing feature, the band let slip what exactly they’ve been listening to currently. As per, be prepared for some obvious and eclectic picks. Enjoy.

The Faceless – Planetary Duality “Coldly Calculated Design”

This album and this particular song meant a great deal to us, when we first started playing music together. The incredibly fast riffs with the minor/major chords, the truly melodic solo. This is technical death metal at is very finest in our opinion. The Faceless are a force to be reckoned with. It’s not hard to figure out why this band has so many loyal fans around the world. Take a listen for yourself. They are massive and we dig it!

Vildhjarta – Måsstaden “Shadow”

You are instantly aware of what you are listening to, whenever you play this song. Shadow defines the thall sound and you recognize it is Vildhjarta straight away. Scary and eerie all the way.
Vildhjarta has no equivalent! No matter how many bands you get presented to during the week, nothing compares their merciless and intense soundscape. ‘Måsstaden’ needs no further introduction, and that album exists and roams in our personal top ten. This particular track is mind-blowing, and gets to us every time! If we were stranded on a lonely island, we would just need this album, and a volleyball (which we totally would call Wilson).

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy “All Of The Lights”

By chance this album was in the van we rented for one of our first tours. Someone had left it there. So we played it and sang along to it through the entire tour while driving. Now, every time we hear a song from the album – any song – it takes us right back to touring. We still have the album and we play it every time we go on the road. It equals touring and playing away shows.

Agnes Obel – Philharmonics “Riverside”

Here is another tour-story. When you are touring you come across a lot of metal music. Whether it is during shows at night or it is in the van driving to the next venue, you get exposed to a lot of metal. So when one of us played this song in van one day, every one was like; “yeah, beautiful, deep and mellow – just what you need right now”. This is also an instant tour-flashback-song, and we much appreciate it whenever we listen to it.

Meshuggah – Chaosphere “New Millenium Cyanide Christ”

Seriously, watch the video and you will know why this one made the list. Besides being a killer song with a jarring and groovy first riff, the video in all its simplicity is hilarious and phenomenal. Lastly, a list of metal songs would not be perfect without Meshuggah.

Between The Buried And Me – Colors “White Walls”

This is fine, fine musicianship and we all enjoy it. This majestic track from a monster of an album is wonderfully brutal, complex and elegant. The breakdown towards the end of the song when Tommy Rogers growls WHITE WALLS, delivers such energy and passion and instantly calls everyone to the pit.

Vola – Monsters “I Am Not Here”

Vola is truly something quite unique.. Their breathtaking live performance and musical compositions marks them as one of the most promising acts here in Denmark. One specific release, Monsters, occupies a very special place in us, and inspired us to push ourselves even further musically.
They just released their debut album, called ‘Inmazez’ You should without a doubt enlighten yourselves with these guys.

Ace Hood – Trials And Tribulations “Bugatti”

We all appreciate heavy music whether it is metal, electronica or as this – a heavy rapsong. We actually had this song playing right after our show finished every night on one of our tours. It was good fun and a nice change for the audience, since metal usually is what gets played in between metal acts at metal shows.

Sikth – Death Of A Dead Day “Bland Street Bloom”

Sikth has so much groove! And has influenced countless bands with their unorthodox musical approach and complexity. You can’t go wrong with these guys. We salute you!

Matt MacLennan

Published 8 years ago