I’m a big fan of bands that make really heavy stuff sound super relaxed. Bands such as KyussQueens Of The Stone Age, and Sleep are all bands that are perfect to listen to if you want to bang your head, or even if you want to just kick back and smoke a bowl. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy it, which is what I love. Enter Warhorse, a super awesome band from Palm Bay, Florida. They play a mix of heavy sludge metal infused with some desert rock, and it sounds brutal. Check it out below!

The entire EP is really awesome, and the four songs that make it up are chock full of memorable guitar riffs that make you want to just drop out and toke up. For being an instrumental band, they really know how to paint a cool picture, as the story behind the album goes. According to their Bandcamp:

We catch our 4 Horsemen of the A-POT-calypse getting sucked through time landing in 1849. Now our 4 heroes have to try to find Satan’s bong so they can smoke themselves back to the present time… Will they make it???

Definitely sounds like something that could happen. Either way, you gotta appreciate the band’s awesome sense of humor. It’d be really cool if they released a little mini graphic novel chronicling their journey back in time. At any rate, this is sure to tickle the fancy of many of you readers out there, because it’s just one big slab of heavy metal, at at the end of the day, the music is truly what matters most. Be sure to keep up with the band on Myspace to see what new stuff is coming out soon!


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