Good morning! Today I am here with yet another awesome premiere for you, our beloved audience. This time, we’re looking towards Chicago, where Alaya guitarist Evan Dunn has been mentoring and teaching two young dudes, and these same guys have an EP coming out! Their band is called Plethora, and their debut EP will be out very soon! In the meantime, check out the song below!


The song is very clearly some extremely solid prog metal stuff, and you can pick up small hints of Alaya in their music (especially since Evan guests on this track). It’s definitely not reinventing the wheel, but is very awesome music for such a new band, especially considering the two dudes who wrote this stuff have a combined age of 35. There’s some really interesting ideas going on here, and with a little refinement, these guys can shape up to be one of the better metal acts out there. These guys are part of the “next generation”, so to speak, and this is a good indication of what’s to come in the future. Evan handled the production/recording duties, and once again he did a fantastic job. The production is very clean and crisp, much like Alaya’s latest album. I’m really interested to see where Plethora can take their music, because they still have tons of time to grow and expand their sound to ultimately find their special niche that will absolutely blow minds. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for updates and keep your ear to the ground for their debut EP!



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