October 23rd, 2015, Brooklyn’s own The Acheron hosted yet another loud and destructive show with Cult Leader. Opening the show was the Brooklyn-based post-metal bandThera Roya. The trio brought the traditional lengthy slow, heavy songs, about three 7-10 minute long songs and they were just awesome. Next up was Secret Cutter, a noisy grindcore band with extra noise. Between the shrieking vocals and the feedback between the microphone against the amp/cab, it was almost like a “who can be louder/more deafening” competition, on top of fast riffs and blast beats. Following Secret Cutter was The Banner, who have been getting more and more popular outside of the New Jersey scene. Their mixture of fast metalcore-like riffs and hardcore breakdowns was a perfect way to end the slew of “locals.” Finally, Cult Leader took the stage and they shook the whole place. There’s just something about a loud band in a small venue that changes the whole dynamic of heavy shows. Seriously, if you have never seen Cult Leader, please do on this run or any of their future runs. They don’t say “we were once another band, and now we’re a better one” for nothing. Enjoy the pictures below!

Thera Roya

Secret Cutter

The Banner

Cult Leader

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