Sometimes, you just need something that tells a story through the music, without any sort of vocals. Maybe you need studying music, or something to keep in the background while you’re playing a game, or sometimes you just want something that can sit in the back burner of your mind and allow you to focus on more important tasks.

A subset of these bands play something that’s been lovingly dubbed as adventure metal: focusing on a sense of atmosphere and progression, they imbue their music with a powerful sense of wonder and place, using their instruments to tell musical stories full of the same sense of mystic joy as stories like The Odyssey or Lord of the Rings. Among these bands are Scale The Summit and The Helix Nebula, and now, joining their ranks for your listening pleasure, is Chronologist!

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Although they don’t do anything to stray from the path set down by their contemporaries, these guys bring a great sense of style and flair to their music, and really, isn’t that what it’s all about? Take “Cartographer” for instance: it’s a piece of fairly standard music at its core, but with their great performance and outstanding command of groove, Chronologist brings a fantastic sense of bounce and energy to the track. Each song sings in the same way as the band locks into tight groove and breathes a vivacious life into every riff. Every member is locked in in sync, playing their part admirably to form a unified whole, and their sense of jazzy panache elevates them to the upper echelons of the instrumental metal collective from the get-go.

If you want something instrumental, something that will draw you into a great environment and hold your attention as it paints luscious soundscapes around you, look no further. Chronologist is ready to supply your needs.

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