Everybody knows Heavy Blog writers are all big fans of prog music, particularly the kind that comes from Scandinavia. I thoroughly enjoy tons of bands from there, and I think that they’re some of the best progressive metal bands out there. With that in mind, let me introduce you to Deseized, a prog band from Oslo, Norway who play some really groovy metal music. Today we’re proud to present a new song from their upcoming EP A Thousand Forms Of Action, entitled “Sledgehammer Suicide”. Check it out below!

There’s some really cool stuff going on here, and sounds vaguely similar to fellow progressive metal band Textures. This EP will continue the trend of their first two studio albums by giving us some really fun and energetic progressive metal. The track we’re hosting has tons of groove, and from the opening riff til the last note, you’ll be banging your head, even with the odd time signatures that run throughout the song. If you’re looking for a band worthy of exposure and also one that’s worth checking out yourself, then Deseized is the band for you. You should follow them on Facebook and be on the lookout for their upcoming EP, which comes out next Friday via Norway’s own Negative Vibe Records.



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