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From 2011 to 2012, I was checking the website Got-Djent a lot. It was my homepage, actually. I’m not ashamed to admit that I got swept up in the

9 years ago

From 2011 to 2012, I was checking the website Got-Djent a lot. It was my homepage, actually. I’m not ashamed to admit that I got swept up in the flood of djent bands that seemed to come out of nowhere during those two years in particular. I found plenty of great bands that I still listen to occasionally, but there was one band that caught my ear in a way that the others didn’t. That band was Novallo. They had just released a song called “Visually Silent” and from that moment on, I knew I had to stick with that band because they were going to make great music. I’m glad I made that decision after hearing that song because I was right.

Novallo had a three year gap between their first and second EP, but the time between the two is justified. Their debut EP Novallo I was one of my favorite releases of 2012, thoroughly impressing me with a satisfying and razor sharp collection of progressive electronic metal that introduced me to one of my favorite voices in metal today, Sam Gitiban. His charismatic delivery, unique voice and intriguing lyricism set him apart from your average carbon copy progressive metal front-man. If you’re curious, you can grab their first EP as a Name Your Price download here. I promise it’s still worth your time.

Novallo I was the band getting their musical feet wet, but the release of Novallo II sees them diving in headfirst and immersing themselves in music that is at all times catchy, wonky and driving. Everything that was on Novallo I has been turned up several notches on it’s sequel. However, unlike their more musically straightforward debut, This EP is a variety show where the group are crossing genres often and playfully. From the old school swing flavor of ‘Betty Phage Goes to Bronxton’ to the Michael Jackson-esque pop of ‘I AM’, you can tell Novallo doesn’t care to stick to one thing for too long. Aside from choruses, you’re always getting material that is pushing itself forward and making you want to keep listening to just one more song. Even though there are only seven songs on this release, with two of them being an intro and outro, it feels meaty in a way that a lot of extended plays don’t. The variety keeps the material from being stale and there are plenty of layers to pick through and concentrate on. Not only that, but the music is a joy to listen to thanks to a huge, yet clear mix. It’s album quality in shorter form, which makes the wait between releases more than acceptable. Don’t just go off my word, though. Be sure to stream it for yourself below and throw the band $5 (or more if you’d like) if you find yourself enjoying what you hear. If the future of new school progressive metal is in the hands of bands like Novallo, it’s a future to look forward to.


Ryan Castrati

Published 9 years ago