With strife and decay always in our midst, it’s not often a band gets to celebrate multiple decades of togetherness and rocking out, let alone 50 years worth of it. However, Scorpions have managed to be at the forefront of rock and roll for the past five decades and are still going strong. The greatest band ever to hail from Germany are currently touring in honor of their 18th full-length record, Return to Forever, but are playing hits from across their entire repertoire. Still an absolute marvel on stage, to boot!

Supporting the legendary lot from Hanover is the equally influential Queensrÿche, best known for their seminal concept album Operation: Mindcrime. Sporting a new vocalist in Todd La Torre, the progressive aces are on this tour to support their own new record, Condition Hüman.

Both bands are still divine on stage and we’ve got the photographic proof! Check out the pictures below!



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