It seems as if, whenever we talk about the more rocky parts of post rock, we open with the statement that they’re rare. I think it’s time we’ve stopped doing that; the past few years have seen a proliferation of these bands. Adding to this growing milieu are Brontide. Their style of post rock is sleek, guitar oriented and filled with great electronics. Vibes sway from the intensely modern and groovy to dreamy and emotional. Wherever they go, this trio rely on their great composition and team work to infuse their music with a flow that’s to be envied. Head on over the jump for your first listen.

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“Kith and Kin” is a great example of what makes Artery, their latest and best album, work: it opens with rock n’ roll, quickly brings in the synths and then turns to a more dreamy passage. The high energies return near the end to neatly package it into something that makes sense; even the synth quotes at the end add a dimension and intent to this masterful track. The outro itself is also something to savour over: both the drums and synths don a retro-wave vibe.

And somehow, it all makes sense. Perhaps it’s because it all speaks to this same place, made of equal parts dynamism and wonder, or perhaps Brontide simply know what they’re about but it’s undoubtable that this simply sounds better than most of the bands working in the genre. The rest of the album is just as good: it’s also the same sort of mix between power and a gentle touch, containing contemplative parts and high octane frills. Give this album a listen whenever you can and let it grow into your ear; it’s been housed firmly there for a few weeks now for me.



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