Over the years, I’ve had a growing interest in punk music. This might be due to discovering some great bands over the internet or through the help of great friends (shoutout to Bradley for always giving me great punk to listen to), but either way, I’ve grown extremely fond of the genre. Swedish punk might not be a scene you’re familiar with, but you really should be, and I’m here to show you why by introducing you to Martyrdöd. Check them out below!

One listen to Elddop and I can guarantee you’ll be hooked. The newest work from the Swedish crust punk rockers, it shows off exactly what you’ll get from the band, no matter where you look in their discography. The band are absolutely relentless, unforgiving, and the musical equivalent of being repeatedly kicked in the teeth. The wall of guitar noise is reminiscent of another world famous Scandinavian band; Grindcore legends Rotten Sound, who definitely have some influence of the band in terms of tone and volume, as well as aggression. Trust when I say that you will not be disappointed with any of the band’s albums, and also trust when I say that their new album is definitely worth the money. They might even have some new music in store for us in the near future, and we’ll definitely be covering it here! Follow the band on Facebook, and be sure to keep watching for new music from the band on the horizon!


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