It’s not all doom and gloom over here at Heavy Blog. Now and again we like to plug our air guitars into some big, thick riffs and rock out with our collective genitalia out. Well, my genitalia are out and they are indeed swinging freely along to this brand new track from Hex Records reps Ex-Breathers. Quick capsule summary of what to expect from this track — riffs, time signature changes snappy enough to confuse Rain Man and some good old fashioned noise. Get on over the jump to check this shiny exclusive out right god damn now.

Nowhere near the heaviest thing you’ll hear this year (but heavy enough to kick some ass still), “Open Source” is a solid three minutes of seriously catchy noise rock. The opening beat is impossible to sit still and listen to thanks to a bouncing jam from the rhythm section; feet will tap and heads will roll. The energy captured on this track is boundless and the attitude of these gents makes for some solidly entertaining shoutalong moments. Just try not to play some riffs or drums in your head when this is jamming, I double dare you. All the snarling bite of surf punk and hardcore meet up somewhere in a stoned Weezer jam here. I just have one question for this band — Where have you been hiding all my life?

These chaps have done something almost inconceivable and smashed out a full LP of post/noise/indie tinged hardcore/hard rock that I can’t get enough of. You can keep your grind and death metal to the side for one day, forget about tech and prog too; Past Tense is the LP you’re going to remember buying when some of it’s tracks eventually make their way into skate videos, video games or radio playlists. It’s infectious, fun and in general just a great time.

Past Tense is out on October 23rd through Exploding In Sound and Hex Records. Grab it here, ya hear?



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