I’ve been hyping up the upcoming release Concerto For Double Moon by The Pneumatic Transit for months now, and its release is finally just a couple weeks away. What better way to celebrate than to host a brand new track from the record? I couldn’t think of any other way to celebrate! You can check it out below!

While this song isn’t representative of the album as a whole, it really does speak volumes about why this album has taken so long to complete. According to guitarist Jef Zampillo:

“This is a composition for six cellos. The melodic tools incorporate the use of the Hungarian Minor, also known as the Double Harmonic minor, which includes intervals of 2 augmented 2nds articulated in a linear fashion. Michael Ferraro is the sole performer in this piece.”

Jeff has put all of his time and energy into making this record over the last couple of years, and it’s really shown in just how well composed and articulated the entire album is. I’ve heard it from beginning to end and it really is a great jazz/rock/fusion record that has enough great musicianship to make any fan of progressive music froth at the mouth with anticipation. You can bet well have more about this album when the release date gets closer, and we’ll also have a review as well!


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