Many of us Heavy Bloggers are big prog fans, and Mantric is just one of many bands we enjoy. Comprised of members of legendary prog metal band Extol, the group has only released one other album, but this seems to be a stepping stone for them. Their pseudo-chaotic progressive metal retains a feeling of chaos while being well put together and it has become an album I have enjoyed since first hearing it. Now you guys can finally experience what I have been experiencing for weeks and stream the new album in full! Check it out below!

While their chaotic attitude towards music might be a turn off for some, I see it as a type of acquired taste. Simply one listen will not do the trick, as the album has many intricacies that need to be explored and won’t be found unless you jam the record at least 5 times or more. Songs like “Faithfaker” and “Arrogance Vs. Anxiety” are examples of the band’s sheer attention to detail. The band succeeds in creating some very off-kilter progressive metal that retains a wide range of influences from death metal to classic rock. If you’re a fan of progressive metal, then I think you’ll definitely be a fan of this record. At the very least, you should at least give it a listen to see what you think. The album drops this Friday via Loyal Blood Records.



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