Metalcore has become such a broad statement in music over the years, and people either love it or hate it. Personally, 90’s and early 2000’s metalcore is better because there are bands like Converge, Misery Signals, On Broken Wings, Poison The Well, etc. that come from that era. Lately, we’ve been seeing a rise in old school metalcore bands playing reunion shows, like when Misery Signals played Of Malice and the Magnum Heart in full last year, when Poison The Well performed in Brooklyn the day before Skate And Surf this past May, and when On Broken Wings made an appearance at Today’s Mixtape Fest this past August.

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Although Iceland may seem like a barren landmass of nothingness, aside from holding a few festivals (Iceland Airwaves, Eistnaflug, etc) and being the home of two legendary post-rock bands Sigur Ros and Solstafir, metalcore/emotional hardcore band Icarus have been making waves there, as well as right here in America (specifically Brooklyn). What’s cool about Icarus is that they mix multiple styles of music within their own, as well as emulating bands such as Touché Amoré, Misery Signals, Converge, and so on. And yes, that is a very good thing. Their song “Tirade” (from Ascending // Descending) for example, gives off such an Is Survived By/Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me era Touché Amoré vibe, as well as a Deafheaven/So Hideous vibe in the vocals about 40 seconds into the song. They’re all your favorite metalcore/emotional hardcore bands mixed into one band.

If you enjoy punching things and getting sad in the process, it is highly encouraged that you listen to Icarus’ debut album, Ascending // Descending. You can purchase the album at their Bandcamp.


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A recent graduate of Nassau Community College with an associates degree in liberal arts, Mark is currently a freelance photographer in the Long Island/New York City area (but travels frequently, especially if the job is worth it), and is constantly churning out riffs with his grindcore band, Blame God (who’s even playing with NAILS in March 2017). Aside from that, he is constantly searching for new bands to check out and attending/photographing shows.

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