Progressive metal is a genre that has long been a favorite around these parts. Lucky for all of us, this year has treated us to some absolutely stellar music from some great bands, both big and small. However, at times, the genre as a whole can get a bit stale. It really takes something unique to set a prog band apart these days, because listening to any on of them extensively can ultimately be monotonous. Opensight, however, are a different band entirely; having carved their own unique sound, their upcoming EP Ulterior Motives will be one to check out. Today, however, we have something special! It’s an exclusive premiere of “The Chase”, which you can hear after the jump!

The song has a very interesting take on progressive metal. Part of it sounds like the soundtrack to a caper movie where the hero is running around rigging the enemy building with timed explosives, and then the other parts sound like your standard progressive metal. It’s a very interesting blend, but the band seems to do it well. There are also some cool guitar licks that sound like they are straight out of the 1970s, which is pretty awesome. It makes the song feel funky, and really adds a unique touch to it.

Ulterior Motives is chock full of goodies, but this song is definitely one of the better ones on the album. It has an energy that isn’t lost at any point in the song, and keeps its drive going until the last note. You’d be a fool not to, at the very least, check out the EP, but you really should snag it when it drops on September 4th. It’s definitely a banger. Follow the band on Facebook here for even more updates!



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