Ever hear of The Oxford Coma? If you answered no, then let us enlighten you. This Phoenix-based act are self described as “Psychedelic Anxiety Rock,” which is likely the most accurate genre descriptor possible. The band play a style of sludgy desert rock that is a mesh of KyussThe Melvins, and a little bit of Sleep. Basically they’re fuzzy, doomy, stoner rock gentleman who just want to chill and jam their music all day long. Now, one day prior to official release, the band has decided to let us host the full album stream for your listening pleasure! Check it out after the jump.

After a few plays of the album, I’m definitely enjoying it. They seem like a fun, good-time-having group of guys, and I really dig that. It’s nice to hear how they are able to wear their influences on their sleeves without sounding derivative or as if they’re “stealing riffs” like some bands have done before. The band really have begun to develop some hybrid sound that works really well, and I can only wish and hope for the best from such a young, promising group. What’s more impressive is that they’reable to create such dense layers of guitar goodness out of only three members.

Paris is Mine is due out tomorrow, and you can pick it up on their website.



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