I am a massive hardcore fan, but somehow this scene never fails to disappoint me, despite the numerous great aspects it has to offer. Recently, during Forced Order‘s set during the infamous This Is Hardcore festival in Philadelphia, a pit altercation broke out between Ian Adams of Heavy Chains and Tom Alderson, drummer for Philadelphia local hardcore band Crosscheck. Tom apparently brushed it off when Ian attempted to engage him in a fight, believing it was nothing. However, later that night, before Crosscheck could play their set at a This Is Hardcore after show at the Voltage Lounge, Ian Adams, as well as Kare Bear of Suburban Scum, asked to talk to Tom in the back room. They jumped Tom and beat him, leaving him in a critical condition without calling an EMS. Tom Alderson is currently in the hospital being treated for his injuries, and there is no official word as to when he will be out and fully recovered. A GoFundMe for Tom’s medical costs has raised over $20,000 currently, and a benefit show will be hosted in Philadelphia to help pay for his medical costs as well.

While it is truly tragic what happened to Tom, and everyone should help to support him in any way we can during these trying times, it is also important to take away a few other things. First of all, there is no longer room, nor has there ever been room, for menial “crew” violence within the hardcore scene. It is ironic that in a scene that so heavily preaches thinking for yourself, as well as creating a safe space for everyone, that thugs and bullies seem to hold so much power. Do not support these crews, and do not be afraid to stand up to them. Enough is enough, and they deserve to pay for their actions.

Secondly, it is also incredibly important to no longer support Heavy Chains or Suburban Scums. Heavy Chains has already been dropped from the upcoming Life And Death tour due to this tragic event, and Suburban Scum has been dropped from Back To School Jam, which Kare Bear helped to organize (Back To School Jam is, however, now a benefit for Tom). These bands are clearly aligned with hardcore crews and therefore help to perpetuate and maintain a violent and oppressive atmosphere within the hardcore scene, which, again, is completely unacceptable.

Finally, it is important to let everybody know just what type of person Tom is for them to fully understand what a horrendous tragedy this is. I only met Tom once, and only talked to him for about fifteen minutes in total, but those fifteen minutes still stick with me. He was genuinely thrilled when I complimented Crosscheck’s set, as well as his drumming, and discussed drums with him. Undeniably, he is incredibly passionate about his music, makes some killer music, and most of all, did not deserve what happened to him.

Do not support thugs and bullies within the hardcore scene, do not support Suburban Scum or Heavy Chains.

Here is the link for the GoFundMe to help with Tom Alderson’s medical costs. We encourage you to donate any amount you can as he has a long road ahead of him and any amount will help.



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