Love the new KEN mode record Success? Enjoy those huge live sounds that Steve Albini caressed out of the Winnipeg trio’s instruments? Good. Me too. Now, if you live in North America, you can head out and hear those smooth, sexy songs in their natural environment. The Canucks have just announced a simply giant two month tour, hitting everywhere and even the places between. The tour runs from September into November and has a barrage of awesome support acts in tow. Find more after le jump.

The Huge Success Tour really is huge. Two solid months in a van and crashing on floors may not sound like the most comfortable ride ever but this is a touring band that are in their element under the stage lights. Obviously, on a tour this size, there are plenty of support acts in tow also. Over the two months, KEN mode will be joined by Conduct, Fuck The Facts, Child Bite, We Are Hex and Lo-Pan. Put simply, this is a fucking beast of a tour and if I hadn’t caught the band at Temples Festival earlier this summer, I’d be green with envy. Literally, I’d puke.

Take some time to check out the range of the support acts on this tour. Fuck The Facts and Child Bite are impressive as shit and I would jump at the chance to catch them live. The others I’m not too familiar with yet but you can bet your sweet ass that I’ll be listening to them over the next while. If KEN mode want them on their tour, 99% of me is sure I will enjoy at least 99% of their music. Check the full list of dates over here and head out to catch a show and a beer with these lovely gentlemen.



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