Being heavy is a strange thing. It’s a quantifier that is entirely personal. There isn’t a proverbial definition of heaviness except that it simply portrays an aural intensity in the form of something ferocious, dark, abrasive or brooding. However, sometimes it’s simply the right breakdown or the right riff played at the right tempo. Whatever your definition of heavy is, it’s undeniable that Demonwomb is the 2015 poster child for the term.

Demonwomb is an Austrian quintet whose very existence is defined as nothing but punishing mid-tempo riffs to the tune of ruthless raspy shouts and classic 90’s thrash. There’s plenty here for fans of Black Breath, Ringworm and Baptists. You’ll find a refreshing and concise amount of headbangers throughout this debut. These guys aren’t just emulating a certain style of music and adhering to the genres rules either. There’s clearly talent on display here too. Head on over the jump for your first taste.


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You’ll find the EP sprinkled with impressive pentatonic runs and solos. The fact that we use “impressive” is impressive on its own merits since pentatonic licks are incredibly worn out. On top of all of that, you’ll be treated with a very slick production and some of the best polish this genre of crusty metallic hardcore has to offer. It’s nice to hear what can be done outside of the realm of Taylor Young and Kurt Ballou’s production monopoly.

Long story short, Demonwomb excel at creating a concise and dynamic display of thrash. They know how to up the ante, when to dig their hooks in and when to let you rest on the occasional Slayer-esque interlude. The tempo always shifts in a way that appropriates circle pits or headbanging in an assertive fashion. The band flawlessly executes banger after banger on this release. Demonwomb is a destructive force and you owe it to yourself to check them out.



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