So, a while ago we told you about a brilliant Australian band called Dumbsaint. These guys are unique not only in their dark, chilling post metal/rock but also in their fascinating connection to film: three of their albums (actually comprising one larger, sprawling narrative) were all accompanied by equally disturbing films. It appears as if the band are not planning to stop, tightening their media-splicing and talent. Their next album, Panorama, in ten pieces., will be accompanied by a synced, real time film spanning 60 minutes, adding further depth and imagery to what is already sounding like a gripping album. We’re proud to premier the first track off of this ambitious release by one of the most riveting sounds in post-anything today. Head on over the jump and make sure you’re not alone; the video is creepy as all hell.


DUMBSAINT – Cold Call – 2015 Short Film from Dumbsaint – Music & Film.

Tackling this aural ride is no simple task: perhaps one should start with the insane first few seconds, when the music explodes together with the briefcase on the street. My heart jump-started, streaming blood right to my ears. Good thing it did as well, since I needed all my faculties to pick up on the subtleties to come: the punchy snare on the calm parts, the guitar picks that are like sharp beacons in the sonic night and the surprisingly enticing bass that lures us into the torpor beneath this track.

The accompanying clip should give us a good notion of what awaits ahead: suburbia reigns supreme, informing and setting the stage of the events that are portrayed before us; are these events linked? Who is the mysterious woman (both of them)? All of this is still to come but one thing is certain for now: this will be as gripping as their former releases. Personally, I find suburbia as a stage to be fascinating, the mundane twists and turns that suddenly infuse regular places with drama and appeal.

Make sure to be on the look out for this album; it will blow your socks off. It drops August 7th. You can pre-order it right here.



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