We Lost The Sea are an absolutely fantastic band from Australia who originally played a style of post-rock and post-metal that was fantastic. Now, however, they’re getting ready to release a new album, but this time being instrumental, and even more heavily post-rock influenced than ever before. This is due to their lead singer, Chris Torpy, committing suicide two years ago, to the shock of fans around the world. The band obviously was a different beast with him, and are still grieving over the loss of their friend. Our hearts still go out to all the friends and family of the band, and especially Chris’ family. Now, the band have released a new single, entitled ‘A Gallant Gentleman’, and have a video accompanying it below.[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClSWxwwUYkw]

In regards to concept, the band had this to say about the story behind the song:

A Gallant Gentlemen, the opening track from We Lost The Sea’s third and most adventurous record to date, is a slowly building piece that gives you a just a glimpse of the tumultuous journey to follow. This is the perfect gateway to the heart wrenching ‘Departure Songs.’ The tracks tells the story of Lawrence Oates, an army captain and explorer who walked off into the freezing Antarctic night on a expedition gone wrong, in an attempt to give his life to save the rest of his team. He knew he had become a burden on his friends. He knew their chances of survival would improve without him. So off he walked, alone, into oblivion. An opening track to a record that is steeped so much in the ideas of life, death and hope.

Heartbreak, sadness, and pain all summed up in one song. This has me on the verge of tears, not just because the music is astonishingly beautiful, but because I know the subject matter behind it. The band are getting ready to release their new album on July 23rd, and I absolutely cannot wait. You can bet that we’ll have a review of it for you all, and from the stuff I’ve heard, I can tell that this album will be in many people’s year end lists. I applaud the band for taking such a huge risk in not replacing their singer and instead going the instrumental path. It really preserves Chris’ legacy as their frontman and it helps the band show off their musical abilities, which really needed no further explanation before.

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for a review!


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