Disturbed are a band that many people dislike. I don’t blame them. From this tasteful parody that’s pretty damn funny to some critics simply stating how awful the band is, people have been talking about them since they erupted onto the scene in the early millennium. Personally, I think Believe and Ten Thousand Fists are great albums, and definitely capture the best music from the band’s career. In 2011, after a successful tour with the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, they announced they would be taking a hiatus to focus on things outside the band. Now, after four years, they’re back, and they have a new song, which you can see below.


Ok, now for some thoughts. I don’t enjoy this song. Part of what made the band so fun to listen to was their groove, and also their heaviness. This song feels extremely lazy and phoned in to me, which isn’t a good sign for a band trying to take the music world by storm once again. After being away for so long, I highly doubt this song will convince naysayers to listen to their upcoming album Immortalized, because right now they don’t feel as such: they feel out of gas. However, I could be wrong. Their singles have always been weak points on their albums with a few exceptions, so I hold out hope that the new album will at least be partially enjoyable, and even hope it contains some really awesome new songs as well. I guess only time will tell.

Preorder the album here if you want, and be on the lookout for it to drop August 21!



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