On June 14th, 2015, noise rock group Girl Band took the stage. Although they live up to their genre, they do not, however, live up to their band name. Composed of four guys making – you guessed it – noise rock. Everything from using an empty beer bottle as a slide on the bass to using a Digitech whammy pedal like it’s nobody’s business on the guitar (take that, Sworn In. Step up.), Girl Band were certainly an interesting opener. Next up were hometown heroes Sannhet. The instrumental trio took the show by storm with their atmospheric vibes and a mixture of post-rock and black metal riffs. Although it’s a personal opinion, they were honestly the best performance of the night (editor and videographer Nick agreed when he filmed them earlier this year). Be sure to catch them on their west coast tour with Planning For Burial and King Woman this July. Finally, Alberta post-punk band Viet Cong took the stage. Viet Cong closed out the show with their slow, new wave/Joy Division/The Cure sound. Although the band has the name of a past army that fought the United States in the Vietnam War, the band and their music is anything but aggressive/chaotic. Good vibes all around. Be sure to check out their self titled debut album, and take a look at the pictures below!

Girl Band


Viet Cong

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