I’m going to be honest with you: I was inexcusably unaware of Immortal Guardian up until yesterday when the band released their brand new video. Better late than never however, because now I can tell you about these guys: sporting Carlos Zema (ex-Outworld) on the vocals, an insane groove section and a guitar player that also plays keyboards, these guys are all that’s best about modern power metal.

Their album Super Metal is this infectious blend between metalcore and power metal. The one after that, Revolution Part I is just straight up, fantastic power metal. And now, the band are gearing up for another release, late 2015. Head on over the jump for the first single from the upcoming album, delivered in the form of a fitting video release.


As the track opens we’re treated to a riff that might belong on a Misery Signals song. However, it’s backed by theatrical synths that leave us no doubt as to the genre at hand. The track quickly gives way to a blistering shred, echoing DragonForce. Once Zema’s voice kicks in the true power of this band is revealed: his octane-rich highs and equally convincing lows lend the whole thing its flesh and bone. Couple that with an unexpected bass solo near the end that leads into a great groove section, and you get what makes this band so great.

Details on the upcoming album are scarce but we know it will be called Revolution Part II. If this track is anything to go on, this could be the power metal release of this year. It might be a bit early to talk about a power metal revival in the past two years but the marks of steam gathering are certainly there. Hopefully, Immortal Guardian can join the roster of recent releases that tell us that this sub-genre isn’t quite dead.


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