Obliterations released Poison Everything last year but it wasn’t one we covered here. The band play pumped up skate punk with flat out gusto and I loved the album (I reviewed it for another site but we don’t talk about them here). Now, I bring to you an official music video (via CVLT Nation) for one of the not so saccharine tracks from their debut, “Scapegoat”. The video is awesome and is well worth taking less than two minutes out of your day to check out. Do a tray flip over the jump and peep it.



“Scapegoat” is just over a minute long but is bursting with sociopolitical shrieks and fast as fuck drum beats. The video takes the audience through a strange journey; one framing American life through television in the middle of last century. It’s an odd one, as images flash by so quickly that I’ve found myself watching it a couple of times already. It’s worth it though. Poison Everything is a skating soundtrack so severe and fully charged, “Scapegoat” is really just the cherry on the icing on the cake (made of shit).



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