May 23rd, 2015, The Matriarch Tour featuring Entheos, Gift Giver, Oceano, Revocation, and Veil Of Maya, who supporting their newest album, Matriarch [review], came to Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amityville, New York. What’s cool about this tour is that each band on the lineup is supporting their respected 2015 album release (except for Revocation, whose newest album came out in October of 2014 [review]).

Local progressive deathcore/death metal band Eridian opened the show. Though I got there after Eridian’s set, they released their debut EP titled Hollow Theory back in March, and it’s pretty good for a first release. This is Entheos’ first full US tour, and if you were a fan of Animosity back in the day, you know why this band is important. They also released their debut EP titled Primal back in March. Following Entheos was Gift Giver, and they’re currently supporting their latest release called Shitlife which came out in April. Following Gift Giver was Oceano, who are supporting their latest release Ascendants. Next up was Revocation, and they are a band who you should never miss live. Finally, Veil Of Maya ended the show with a bang. Even if you’re not a big Veil Of Maya fan, you’ll still catch yourself nodding or even banging your head to the rhythm.

Definitely catch this tour when it comes to your area, and check out the pictures below!


Gift Giver



Veil of Maya

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