We had the extreme privilege of photographing the almighty Judas Priest on their latest tour all over the world, having played earlier this year with the ever-so-speedy DragonForce outside of Soundwave dates, and recently on the road with the stalwart Saxon! The stop at the Chicagoland Rosemont Theater was excellent, the band opening with “Dragonaut” from Redeemer of Souls and playing hit after hit from their discography, including “Metal Gods,” “Painkiller,” “Electric Eye,” “Beyond the Realms of Death,” and several more.

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues during travel, we do not have photographs of Saxon. We, too, are saddened by this fact, but Judas Priest put on an incredible show and there are some stellar photographs not to be missed. Check ’em out behind the cut!

Judas Priest

For more from this photographer, visit Kyle Gaddo on Flickr.


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