We’ve talked before about how prolific this year is for Unique Leader Records, and every time I turn my head, it seems like there’s something new. Today, it’s a lyric video for a track off of WRVTH’s upcoming release, Wrvth, titled “Into Bloom”. It’s a beautiful cut from the album, and it really does deserve a listen from everyone. Check it out after the jump.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCnr6R-qJwE]

It seems like every time I listen to it, WRVTH’s new release gets better. Every time I listen to it,  it gets farther up on my list of favorites for the year so far. As shown here, they clearly understand how to create emotive, compelling music that retains its technical elements and uses them to build farther onto the feeling they imbue their music with.

The sheer amount of emotional anguish packed into the five minutes that comprise this lyric video is incredible, especially considering this is a techdeath album. The vocals perfectly relay the feeling of modern-day wanderlust as the music twists and turns its way to a powerful climax, accompanied by greyed-out visuals of what appear to be a road trip that add a totally new dimension to the music.

Wrvth comes out on June 16 via Unique Leader Records. Be prepared.



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