There seems to be no shortage of 8-string techdeath from the past two years. From the over-the-top noodling of Archspire, to the more atmospherically-oriented Beyond Creation, to our very own beloved NYN, there’s always more technical death metal coming from the extended-range camp. Enter Hadal Maw: an Australian counterpart to the mostly North American and European scene, they shred both their guitars and the competition on every track with their perfect mix of atmosphere and heavy riffage (check out Eden’s review of their debut album, Senium, here).

Today, we have the privilege to bring to you an exclusive guitar playthrough of the first track from Senium, “Aetas de Morior”. Check out the destruction this guitar duo brings after the jump.


This track is absolutely vicious. I should mention this is actually my introduction to the band, and they’ve got me hooked on their sound already. Combining the best parts of the atmospheric and crushingly heavy sides of their resident genre, these guys can really bring the beatdown. The mixture invokes a sheer sense of dread and overwhelming anxiety in the best way possible.

While watching the playthrough, the sheer level of skill of these two artists is immediately apparent. The way they play through the parts they do in such a buttery-smooth fashion is laudable to the highest extent, and watching their hands move deftly across the fretboard in such a way shows off an extreme level of dedication to their instruments. Cheers to guitarists Nick Rackham and Ben Boyle for this excellent video.


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