For some bands, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact musical group that they owe their sound to. Many artists mix and match sounds from various genres and styles into a soup that can befuddle those who try to figure out their influences. With others, however, it’s immediately obvious: less than a minute into Sol Agnates, the new album from Chilean progressive death metal band All Tomorrows, it’s clear that they wear their biggest influences, Gojira and Meshuggah, proudly on their sleeve. Check the album out after the jump to see what I mean.

Quick band bio:

All Tomorrows are a progressive metal band made up by four individuals seeking to establish a demanding quality standard in extreme music. It is a band that has complete control over the creative and execution processes, from the idea inception to the achievement of a complete and accomplished artwork. There is no place for loose ends, no time for “filler” songs; All Tomorrows’ filter allows passage only to the creative energy of highest quality and condenses it into a unique, impersonal and infinite mantra.

With a solid live performance, an expertise that comes from their experience as professional musicians, composers and producers, and a new album that shows an increasingly unique and elaborate musical vision, All Tomorrows is bound to make an impact in the progressive metal scene.

Sol Agnates is billed by the band as their “second brooding chapter, a new step in the evolution of [their] music”, and indeed, this is quite the step forward. Their first release, Opilion, saw a slow, crushing form of progressive death metal, and they have evolved into a powerhouse of pummeling rhythm on this new album.
The powerful, polyphonic rhythms built on hectic, pulsing drumbeats and chug-laden guitar sections build into climactic songs in almost the same manner as the two bands that have clearly left their influence on the songwriting of All Tomorrows. The riffs are strongly written and carried forward in a smart style; the album’s strong diversity shows how every riff and song was perfectly crafted and honed to perfection.

Manifesting themselves here as the brainchild of Gojira and Meshuggah, Sol Agnates comes across as an aggressive juggernaut of heaviness propelled by strong writing and great riffs. Definitely an album worth checking out for either of the above two bands. Sol Agnates drops today.

To purchase the album, you can grab it on iTunes or Amazon.

In addition to the groove-laden album, you can find All Tomorrows playing alongside some greats at Santiago Gets Louder 2015. The Chilean two-day festival taking place on September 27th and 28th will feature System of a Down and Faith No More as headliners, as well as major acts like Lamb of God, Deftones, Mastodon, and Gojira.

If you’re down south (way south!), don’t miss this!


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