Sometimes you just need to have some fast, angry, evil-sounding shit in your life. And when that’s the case, nobody is as happy to provide you with music to fit the bill as Maruta is. The Floridian grindcore/deathgrind outfit deems it fit to smash through track after track of ultra-violent mayhem to provide listeners, much to the chagrin of anyone who would dare stand in their way.

Today, we’ve got a very special premiere for you: the song “Protocol For Self Immolation”, from the new Maruta album, Remain Dystopian. It’s a short, sweet, powerful track, and it absolutely destroys everything else I’ve heard this year in terms of sheer madness. Check the insanity out after the jump.

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Okay, so it’s fair to say that this track fucking rips. From the absolutely explosive intro, to the powerful and jumpy grindcore riffing, to the final death knell at the one-minute-twenty-one-second mark, “Protocol For Self Immolation” is a total banger. It is truly the epitome of grindcore: within its extremely short runtime, it packs the sort of fury and depravity that other bands would have to spend a solid five minutes building up to.

After hearing the insanity that is this track, Maruta has skyrocketed upwards on my list of anticipated albums for the year. Remain Dystopian is set to crush its opposition on June 2 via Relapse Records, and our review will be going live later this afternoon. You’ve been warned.



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