Somewhere in the depths of the Australian outback pulses an ancient artifact that infuses all denizens of that land with exceptional musical talents. That’s the only explanation for the rise of the Australian metal scene we’ve been seeing for the past several years. Allow me now to take you back in the chronicles of that scene and introduce you to Dumbsaint. Hailing not from the dark progressive yolk of Karnivool or Caligula’s Horse, Dumbsaint rather appeal to the post-metal/rock vibes of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving or sleepmakeswaves. You know what, just head on over the jump for your first listen and we’ll talk then.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=818265826 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=2460536234]

My choice of track is rather controversial: I went back to the band’s debut album when just last year they finished recording and releasing a three album epic, Disappearance In A Minor Role. While that series of great releases is definitely worth a listen, I feel it’s good to start at the beginning with these guys. Within Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form is contained something essential and basic for this band.

Especially with the chosen track, you can feel the haunting yet powerful energies that inform the rest of Dumbsaint’s career. Of particular note is the drum work here, a key element in their future releases as well. Whether accentuating the higher volume parts or giving flesh to the quieter one, the drums really work as their own instrument here with as much variety as any other sound on the track. That’s a rarity for this genre, where drums often serve a structural role that’s expected and uniform. The bass is also crucial here, lending more meat and bones to the ethereal guitar parts, expertly written as a duo.

In short, these guys are a must-listen for any fans of down-tempo, creepy post-metal that hovers near the edge of post rock. Make sure to start in 2012 and then slowly work your way across their discography. You’ll find a maturation and an overall thematic vector which is hard to resist.


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