It’s pretty crazy to think that Baltimore’s Noisem are as young as they are, because they sound like they’ve been a band for fifteen years. Their riffs are as savage as their live show, which is nothing short of a contained riot. The band is just about to release their sophomore LP, Blossoming Decay, on A389 Records and have just put out a new song to help get some mouths watering. Check out “Replant and Repress” below:

The new stream comes to us courtesy of Punknews, who have decided to go with a proprietary stream I guess in hopes of drawing people to their site only. Anyway, click on the link to listen!

For a band that lists 80s grind/thrash legends Terrorizer as their sole influence on Facebook, they pretty much nailed it. “Replant and Repress” is fast as hell and perfectly balances their flurry of blasting with a d-beat chorus riff that will probably be in your head for the rest of the day. Fans of newer hardcore and grind bands like Nails, Trap Them and Rotten Sound will surely enjoy this too. What are you doing still reading this? Get to grinding!


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