In the six years that Heavy Blog Is Heavy has been in existence, it’s grown from the rants and raves of one college student presumably procrastinating from doing his actual work (hi Jimmy!) to a well-established network of peers, friends, and family who are still probably largely procrastinating from doing actual work. Between our extensive coverage of news, releases, concerts, and the music world from all over the world, we have been fortunate enough to turn this place into a respected entity with one of the best readerships you’ll find anywhere. It’s been a long while since we’ve been just a blog, and yet our image and website have not properly reflected that. All of that changes today!

As you have undoubtedly noticed by now, things are looking quite a bit different around here. We’ve maintained our fundamental blog/newsfeed structure, but we have updated both the look and functionality of the site to make your experience here much easier and more pleasurable. We’ve finally incorporated the more recent version of our erstwhile mascot Crunchy across our platforms and logos. We now have a basic site navigation menu so you can finally access our different types of content without having to scroll through pages of posts. We have a featured post carousel so our best content doesn’t get buried and lost immediately. Elsewhere we’ve streamlined and optimized things for easier reading. And perhaps most importantly, we now have a fully functional mobile site, since we hear that’s how the kids these days are getting their information.

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank Inbar Kassavi, who is responsible for designing the new look and feel of this place and our other social channels. If you need someone who intimately understands good design AND all things heavy and metal, she’s the one you want. Check out more of her work here! We would also like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our very own Elizabeth Wood, who pored over the site’s back-end to make sure we were free of bugs and hiccups. Bless.

We’ll be rolling out some other smaller changes in the coming weeks, but we wanted to get this big one done and out in the world for you all to experience. We hope you enjoy it, and, as always, we appreciate every single one of you who reads our posts, likes and shares our content, and share in our love and passion bordering on obsession with the world of music and heavy things! Here’s to the next six years!

-NC + HB

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