There’s something to be said for the now-classic approach to death metal that ENTRAILS employs. In the race to be the most modern, the most technically proficient, and to progress death metal as a genre, sometimes we lose sight of the relatively simple, chunky, groovy riffing that really started it all. And that’s not to say that technicality or progression are bad- the genre would grow incredibly stale without them- but every so often a band like ENTRAILS needs to come along and remind us of the roots of death metal. Check the song after the jump!

‘Midnight Coffin’, taken from of the upcoming album (poignantly titled Obliteration), is heavy, crushing, and riffy as all hell. From the intro  until the final chords, you can hear the gates of Hell pour open and allow demons to rush through, their roars becoming the growls and their stampedes forming the percussive beats that help smash this song into your brain. It’s a vicious, evil song, and it’s a great track to listen to. Hearing ‘Midnight Coffin’ made me need to go listen to Death‘s Scream Bloody Gore all over again- seriously, this is as old school as it gets without recording through a Casio in the middle of the woods behind your grandma’s house.

Prepare for ENTRAILS to release the aural assault that is Obliteration on May 19th through Metal Blade Records.


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