Ohio progressive metal outfit Novallo have been teasing at a new album for quite some time now, but have thankfully released something we can all sink our teeth into. Their unique blend of technical riffing has taken a slight step back to allow room for some of the most infectious grooves of late. Mixed and mastered by Warren Sokol at Universal Studios (responsible for too many albums to list), the new track features some seriously thick guitar tones.


The characteristic synth-guitar patch works surprisingly well, considering how alien it is to the genre. Their previous material shining with influences from the likes of The Safety Fire and Periphery, ‘Broxton‘ nods in the direction of Protest the Hero and even The Dear Hunter. This feels like it could turn out to be something much more elaborate than their EP if the previous teaser was anything to go by.


While this sounds incredible, an album can’t really be judged by a single song, and an incomplete one at that. Here’s hoping we get to hear more stuff like this on the full length.



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