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What’s ironic here is that every time a set of new Despised Icon shows is announced, it actually sets my healing process over them announcing they have no plans to write new music back approximately 10 years. For every show that Despised Icon plays, a fresh wound in my soul is opened since I won’t be able to attend, and for every tour announcement, proverbial salt is poured into all of them.

DI shows

For real, though- it’s hard to believe The Healing Process has already been out for a decade. The album is so ahead of its time— the grooves are monstrous, the riffing is next-level, and the breakdowns hit hard enough to shatter your skull. I’m spinning this album (for the first time in forever, if I’m being honest) and I absolutely forgot how essential this was. Take a trip down memory lane straight into the pit. These shows are sure to be fun if you’re able to attend, and if you do, be sure to film it!

The dates for the 3 shows are:

September 5th – Leeds, England- Leeds University Union, Ghostfest

September 6th – Bristol, England- Motion, Ghostfest

September 10th – 12th – Quebec City, Canada- Festival Envol et Macadam

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to jam their music forever.


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