Veil of Maya Matriarch artwork

The time is here, folks! Veil of Maya have announced that their brand new album, entitled Matriarch, will be released on May 12th, 2015. The image above is the artwork for the CD Slipcase and it, well, it sure is something. Not only do we have a new album announcement, but we have also been given a music video for the new song, ‘Mikasa’, which features cleans this time around! Make sure to check it out after the jump!


The songwriting on this song sounds incredibly tight, but I have to say, the cleans sound a bit out of place at first. After a few listens, I got used to them, but I know everyone will not feel that way. The signature veil mini breakdown after the first clean vocal section is definitely the highlight of this song and gets me excited to hopefully hear more moments like that on the album. On a side note, man, that album art is atrocious. Luckily, that’s just the artwork for the slipcase and the actual booklet art is not as much of an eyesore. Regardless of the artwork, this album is guaranteed to be divisive and show how many people are willing to go with this new direction.

Options for preordering the album can be found here.


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