Murder Construct

The world’s best grind supergroup is back. I’m talking about Murder Construct, the band consisting of members from some pretty awesome bands, including Cattle Decapitation and Intronaut. The band took the metal world especially by storm with their absolutely fantastic LP Results, which was released to tons of praise across the board. Now a few years later, the band are finally starting to write material for what will eventually become their newest LP. Check this video of the new material below!

It still sounds heavy, which is always a plus, and it still sounds fast, which is goddamn awesome. I have high hopes for the new album, and also high expectations. It’s not often that a supergroup comes together to make music that could easily stand alone in a genre already decades old and be considered by some as a modern classic, so the pressure’s on, fellas. We’ll have news as it comes in, but if you needed a reminder of how great their last album was, peep the video below.




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