Slice The Cake - Odyssey To The West

Quasi-symphonic progressive deathcore outfit, Slice The Cake, are gearing up to release their third full-length LP, Odyssey To The West, this year, and they’ve unveiled the first track from the upcoming album. In typical Slice The Cake fashion, it’s a huge slab of meaty, powerful metal, replete with breakdowns, tremolos, and spiced with acoustic guitar here and there.


The icing here is the track’s length — at just over 8 minutes long, this is the second-longest track Slice The Cake have ever released (beaten by the 21-minute title track on their debut LP, The Man With No Face, a personal favorite album of mine) and no matter how you slice it, this track does not loaf. It moves, grooves, and speeds through this length like a runaway freight train — the track, named ‘Stone and Silver i. The Mountains of Man’, pulls no punches, and it has no half-baked ideas.

Now, it’s important to note something about Slice The Cake: although their sound is more or less cohesive, on their previous two albums, The Man With No Face and Other Slices, they tended to get a bit bogged down occasionally. Riffs went for too long, good ideas didn’t get the attention and expansion they deserved, and overall, it seemed they had some trouble pacing their material properly.

But that seems to have changed here. ‘The Mountains of Man’ moves along fantastically, drawing the listener in and keeping them engaged perfectly. As such, this track blows everything Slice The Cake has done previously out of the water. Color me extremely excited for this album.

Odyssey to the West does not have an official release date yet


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