Oceano new album

Deathcore as a genre seems to have many bands that come and go, only releasing one or two albums, but by the time a band releases their third and fourth albums, you know they’ve committed to the genre’s style. Oceano, however, came out swinging with their debut album Depths, and everyone immediately saw in them a new breed of deathcore titan. Since then they’ve never really backed down too much — only perfected their formula into a sharp, brutal sound that takes full advantage of Adam Warren’s monstrous vocals.

Yesterday, they announced their follow-up to 2013’s Incisions: their fourth full-length. To go along with this announcement is a new single, ‘Dead Planet,’ which you can catch after the jump.


‘Dead Planet’ most certainly carries Oceano’s signature sound. Monstrous grooves, guitars that run on the extremely heavy and low end of things, and the unmistakable bellows of Adam Warren run throughout the track. What is worth noting is the addition of some added synths, which add even more of a bleak feeling. We’ll have to wait and see if this is representative of the new album as a whole though.

Their new album, Ascendants, is due the 23rd of March via Earache Records.



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