Veil has Risen

After months of teasing, we finally have a new Veil of Maya song in the form of ‘Phoenix’. This is the first track to have new vocalist Lukas Magyar, who we’ve suspected to be the band’s new front-man for quite a bit. Curious to hear how the band sounds with him? Check out the lyric video after the jump.


This track shows that Lukas is not only a competent replacement, but also much more dynamic in comparison to the band’s previous vocalist, Brandon Butler. He doesn’t go quite as low, but he does a lot more in the middle range, which is where it seems that a lot of bands are starting to go when it comes to vocals. Overall the song is enjoyable, even if it is a bit repetitive. It includes an interlude that is distinctly un-Veil which was refreshing to hear, but it didn’t feel like it was used to its full potential. It sounded like there were going to be clean vocals there, but sadly there were none. Still, this track has grabbed my attention and I’m interested to see where the band will go next. Hopefully we can hear some of Lukas’ excellent cleans in the next song they premiere.



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