600-dodWhat happens when you combine a young guitarist and a bassist with a unique sound from Indiana with one of the biggest names in the history of death metal? Get ready to get teased with some new Dawn of Dementia after the break.

Lafayette, Indiana’s Dawn of Dementia got the attention of a lot of tech death fans with 2012’s EP Residuum and then got a lot more notice with 2013’s guitar and bass playthrough video of the song Vitrification.

You can’t get much more or better attention that to recruit the former drummer for Necrophagist and Obscura Hannes Grossman to play with you.

Now DoD is out with a teaser video for the planned 2015 of a full-length album.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cYWddPAi1g&w=560&h=315]

In addition to Grossman, Dawn of Dementia now consists of vocalist/guitarist Derick Harshbarger and bassist Joel Schwallier.

“Hannes is actually on three tracks as of now,” Harshbarger says. “The songs “Sealing the Crypt of Banishment”, and “Universal Imperialism” included in the teaser, feature Hannes. The album will also feature four more session drummers.”

Derik says he and Joel have been busy with Dawn of Dementia as well as other projects to come.

“Next year Dod will be releasing our debut full-length entitled Immolation of Avernis. My other band Brutal Technical Death Metal, Breeding Filth, will be releasing a full-length titled Perverse Devolution. And Joel has joined a new band (Entropy) as well, working on a record.

Derik says the Dawn of Dementia full-length is exploring different territories than their EP.

“What we are doing now is a lot darker and more technical than Residuum. Also we are just trying a lot more new things, incorporating different genres, and not just limit our selves to harmonic minor riffing. Although, still have plenty of melodic pieces similar to the EP.”

Harshbarger appreciates all of the attention DoD has received.

“Thanks for all the patient support for our full-length. Stay tuned, a new single/album artwork will be coming in February, followed by the full length later in the year along with other great music from our other bands! Thanks.”

— BS


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