Photo Credit: Elín Arnórsdóttir

Photo Credit: Elín Arnórsdóttir

Iceland is a small but seismically growing island complete with volcanoes, hot springs, and some delicious tech death. Brand new music from Iceland’s Ophidian I after the jump.

Ophidian I garnered a lot of attention among tech death mavens with the band’s 2012 release Solvet Saeclum.

Now the band is back with a brand new song called “Whence They Came.”


Guitarist H Símon Þórólfsson says we should look for a new record from Ophidian I in 2015.

“We’re currently working on finishing the writing process for a new album, which we are hoping to release sometime next year (trying to find a new label at the moment!) The lyrics to this song kind of explore the backstory of the concept for the next album, how and why aliens came here.”

So what the heck does Ophidian I mean?

“Ophidian I is somewhat of a biblical reference, where the snake is symbolic for the faults and imperfectness of man. It implies that the human race, including oneself is flawed, deceptive and malicious.”

Iceland may not be top of mind when you think of tech death, but Símon insists people there are passionate about this kind of music.

“Since we are one of probably two or three tech death bands from Iceland, i wouldn’t say there’s a tech death scene here but we have a nice little metal scene which is very strong and definitely has high standards! It’s ridiculous how many great metal bands we have, and many of them signed to foreign labels, considering that the island only has 320.000 inhabitants.”

If you like the song, Símon hopes you will check out the Ophidian I Facebook Page and share this song with your tech death-loving friends.

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