The Chariot are one of those bands that don’t exist anymore but whose mark on the scene cannot be overestimated. Blending intensely emotional music with the most amazing live shows in recent years, their hardcore mentality has touched almost every part of the genre today. Their disbandment came as a blow to many, as their unique spark was set to disappear. Now, fans and new comers alike can get a glimpse into the engine that burned behind The Chariot, with their new documentary, Forget Not released in full online, yesterday. Head on over the jump to view the film in full.


Yes, it’s long but it’s worth it if you’re keen for a glimpse behind the stage. The infectious dedication and determination which shines behind every act and word of the band is simply fantastic. I know I’ll be replaying this over the coming days or weeks, pining for a band I’ll probably never get again. Regardless, I am grateful for what I got for them and for this second chance to experience the intese emotions I associate with their music.

Long Live.



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